What is 3CX?

3CX is a modern, future proof, intuitive unified communications solution that can help take your business to the next level, helping to improve collaboration, boost productivity, increase mobility and enhance the customer experience. Users have instant access to communication tools such as presence, CRM integration, live messaging, web conferencing, fax & voicemail to email and more.

3CX is a flexible, scalable, and feature-rich centralised cloud-based system with a full range of UC features integrated into the phone system, users can connect and collaborate through a variety of methods all under one platform. Including enterprise calling features such as queues, ring groups, contact centre modules, advanced reporting tools and CRM integration with Office 365, Teams, Salesforce and Hubspot out of the box. Management and maintenance of your phone system is effortless, making it a great choice for modern businesses of any size.

3CX Video Conferencing with Yealink Deskphone

Unified Communications Made Easy

3CX unified comms

3CX includes a full suite of unified communications features without the need for additional downloads, add-ons, or purchases. Integrated, WebRTC-based video conferencing via an open-standards browser or through the iOS/Android clients allows for face-to-face meetings to take place wherever you are.

Productivity boosting features such as presence, corporate chat, whiteboard, screensharing and more allow for employees to collaborate better and work more efficiently.

Presence, Fax & Voice Mail to email, web conferencing and instant messaging are child’s play for 3CX.

With the integrated 3CX softphone and smartphone clients, users automatically get access to advanced unified communications features – without needing to learn separate software – features that are normally charged extra by other PBX vendors.

CRM Integration

3CX supports a large number of CRMs out of the box.

Know exactly who is calling before you pick up the phone: integrate your CRM software or helpdesk system with 3CX. Have the customer record open and ready, and see when they called last, who they spoke to and what it was about. Save your agents time and IMPRESS your clients with customer service records that make handling issues more efficient. You will have happier customers and happier agents, as they are able to handle more calls and make more sales!

3CX CRM Integration

Live Chat

3CX unified comms

Statistics show more than half of all customers prefer to chat with someone in real-time! Installing a live chat solution on your website will not only improve customer satisfaction, it will also increase your lead conversions. But what if a query becomes too hard to handle over chat? Enter 3CX Live Chat.

By integrating live chat with our phone system, website visitors can chat with agents in real time, and can switch to a live call or video call in a single click – with no dialling of phone numbers. That same agent can answer immediately from their 3CX Web Client, Windows Desktop App or mobile app.

How’s that for customer service? What’s more you get to keep all your communication on one platform, including chats coming through your business Facebook page and business SMS. Watch conversion rates and customer satisfaction skyrocket. Save on admin time, and monthly software subscriptions!

MS 365 & Teams

Does your company use Microsoft 365? Then 3CX is the ideal phone system for you as you can easily connect 3CX to Microsoft 365 and get the best of both worlds! Users can work seamlessly across both apps, managing contacts and streamlining tasks to increase efficiency and delight customers. The simple integration can be completed in minutes and takes the pressure off administrators.

Enhances productivity and makes tedious tasks more bearable while SSO authentication allows your Microsoft 365 users to login in a single click. No more searching for lost passwords! You can even launch calls directly from the Microsoft 365 interface with the 3CX Windows Desktop App and Click2Call functionality. Employees can work from the Microsoft 365 interface and apps and never miss an important call or message! Happy administrators, happy agents, happy customers!

3CX CRM Integration

Detailed Call Reporting

3CX CRM Integration

In depth call reporting is essential for gaining real-time insights into your contact centre performance and customer needs. How long do your agents spend on a phone call? What’s the number of calls they make and receive? What is the overall performance of your queues? Which agent is under performing or burning out?

SLA statistics, unanswered calls, abandoned calls – the list goes on.

With 3CX’s advanced Call Reporting feature, you can utilize reports to make informed decisions about your business, restructure your call centre, optimize agent productivity and increase customer satisfaction.

Call Recording

Want to record all your calls? Just log into your online dashboard and set the call recording feature to “Record all calls.” Want to record some calls and not others? Simple. Choose “on-demand recording.” The recording feature can also be turned off if needed. You can record from all devices, deskphone, mobile app or desktop - it’s as flexible as you need it to be!

3CX CRM Integration

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Digital Nerve Centre was established in 1999 with the goal of providing IT Support for Business and Charity.

As the organization developed we evolved into a ‘Best of Breed’ Managed IT Services & Infrastructure provider, with a niche skillset that applies to large and small networks. We provide support in London, Kent, Essex, Middlesex, Hertfordshire, Surrey.

We serve the UK from our offices in London. Although our primary focus is on our UK base, many of our customers have offices in globally.

We all know the problems associated with inefficient systems; that often when they go wrong, especially in large organisations, the issues may be fixed temporarily but the global problems don’t go away. If you’re wondering if there is a better, more efficient, online way for your business to operate, we guarantee there is; and you won’t find a more proactive IT services company to implement it.

From day one with Digital Nerve Centre you will spend more time running your business and be assured that you’ve got super-dedicated IT experts equipping you with the best technology solution available. From full system installation, custom-build to remote backup functions, we provide professional IT support to large and small companies from all sectors.

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