Mobiles for business

Business mobile needs are very different to consumer – reliability is critical.

Flip Mobile is a mobile service built exclusively for the UK business market, designed to deliver improved coverage for voice and data. With Flip Mobile your device will empower, not hinder your ability to conduct business. We have travel bolt-ons that are as flexible as your schedule, a fixed/mobile convergence roadmap that prepares your business for the future and you’ll get a network provider with a focus on customer service excellence.

Mobile for business

Traditionally the business market has had very limited access to good value, reliable data. At Flip we understand that the future is all about data – so we provide our business customers with access to the biggest and most reliable mobile data service in the UK, for a better overall mobile experience. As well as the best data service we offer a great range of standard and optional features including 4G as standard and business traveller options. Our voicemail has been built with the business user in mind, with a range of great features such as extended message storage, flexible greeting options customised to individual numbers, tailored greetings based on business hours and extended greetings.

A focus on customer service

Flip is committed to excellence in customer service and support – it’s what makes us stand out from our competitors. So with Flip Mobile you get the same service excellence we already deliver for our other telecom services. Our UK support teams are co-located so you can always get through to the right person to handle your query, and our teams are experts in both fault resolution and provisioning.


Being contactable and able to work as normal when you are mobile is key to doing business well, so having the best business mobile network possible is paramount. With the best data SIM service available for business, you’ll be able to work on the move, not just in your place of work. And there’s no need for multiple provider contracts for your business because, wherever your offices are located in the UK, Flip Mobile’s MultiNet bolt-on enables you to do business in more places than you would with a single network. So, while your competitors are out of signal and their calls are going through to voicemail, you keep working – making your business more accessible for customers.

Fixed/mobile convergence roadmap

As a fixed-line network and now with the addition of our own core systems for the mobile network, we can offer highly competitive on-net rates and are in an ideal position to make fixed/mobile convergence an affordable reality for your business.
  • We own the core mobile network systems, so with Flip Mobile there’s no reliance on other networks, making it easier for us to manage your mobiles
  • Having our own network means we can make adds and changes much more quickly than other networks
  • Our network is built for business only
  • Access to the biggest and most reliable data network in the UK
  • No consumer traffic clogging up the network during business hours
  • Great range of features designed specifically for business, including a business-centric voicemail service
  • 4G as standard
  • A focus on customer service – the same service excellence we already deliver for our voice and data networks
  • A fixed/mobile convergence roadmap prepares your business for the future

Business-class mobile with a focus on customer service

is a mobile service built exclusively for the UK business market, designed to ensure you get improved coverage for voice and data

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with a focus on customer service

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