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As a global leader in delivering superior communications experiences, Avaya provides the most complete portfolio of software and services for multi-touch contact center and unified communications offered on premises, in the cloud, or a hybrid. Today’s digital world centers on communications enablement, and no other company is better positioned to do this than Avaya.

The Avaya IP500 Office 500 Phone System does VoIP brilliantly

Moving to VoIP can save you a fortune which is why so many UK businesses are doing it.  The Avaya IP Office 500 V2 phone system is optimised for VoIP communication and has the awards to prove it.  Whether you’re looking to implement the latest SIP trunks (VoIP phone lines), IP handsets or link multiple sites across an IP network, the Avaya IP 500 Office 500 v2 phone system is a proven IP solution.

Key Features of the Avaya IP Office 500 Phone System
  • Proven reliability
  • Feature rich and incredibly affordable
  • Networking – multisite or remote users
  • Unified Messaging
  • Unified Communications
  • Call Centre Applications
  • Multimedia Applications
  • Soft Phone (Avaya One-x portal)
  • PC Attendant (Avaya soft console)
  • Mobility (DECT handsets and mobile phone apps)
  • Conferencing

The are so many features with the latest Avaya IP Office 500 v2 system we suggest you speak to one of our expert consultants. We'll be able to understand how your business operates, what you’re trying to achieve and make suggestions about how the various Avaya features can deliver productivity improvements and cost reductions. If you’re technically inclined there are Avaya IP Office 500 phone system technical specs available in this section.

Connect your mobiles phones, tablets and PC's to your Avaya IP Office 500 phone system.

The great thing about modern IP pbx systems is the integration across numerous types of devices. The Avaya IP Office 500 pbx, like all better solutions, allows your staff to stay connected to the phone system in and out of the office in different ways:

1. Mobile phone and tablet integration

By downloading the easy to use Avaya Flare application you can use your iPhone or Android device as a phone handset. This allows you to make and receive calls, check messages and have access to a huge range of other IP Office 500 system features (conferencing, HD video conferencing and more). If you're in the office you can connect to the office WI-FI, out of the office you access all this via 3G. You can also pair your mobile phone or device to your existing Avaya desk phone so you only need one extension number for both devices. Alternatively, you can choose to have no office phone at all and just use the Avaya Flare app.

2. PC Integration

By loading the Avaya One-X portal to a PC or laptop staff can access the IP Office 500 phone system and it's features whether they are in or out of the office. This is brilliant tool for mobile staff, remote locations, home workers etc. Now you can be connected anywhere you get internet or WI-FI access.

With the Avaya IP Office 500 pbx your staff can stay in complete communication no matter where they may be – no more excuses. You don’t have to buy new devices and they can BYO phone. This type of technology is a complete game changer for the modern mobile workforce.

Do you have to use VoIP with Avaya Business Phone Systems?

The answer is no. The Avaya phone system has intelligently been designed to integrate with existing phone lines (PSTN, ISDN and Primary Rate). If you prefer you can continue to use the Avaya IP Office 500 as a traditional pbx and upgrade to VoIP in the future. So you can keep all your existing phone lines and numbers, but still take advantage of the latest Avaya phone system technology.

Huge range of different Avaya phone handsets to choose from.

The Avaya IP Office 500 v2 phone system offers a staggering range of handsets to suit every budget, need and taste. There are 2 ranges of digital handsets (budget Avaya 1400 digital series and the premium Avaya 9500 digital handsets)one is a budget offering the other is a premium. There are also two ranges of IP handsets (budget Avaya 1600 series and premium Avaya 9600 IP series) as well as DECT handsets for wireless mobility.

When it comes to delivering you high quality business grade VoIP (SIP) phone calls, most businesses in metro areas can already access it right now. The NBN is only relevant for businesses with slow or unreliable data services – typically in more remote or regional areas. We can check this for you easily anyway.

Future technology is easily incorporated into your current Avaya solution

Avaya has been leading the way for much longer and their technology platform is proven, tested and ultra-reliable. The software on their Avaya IP 500 Office v2 phone system is currently up to software revision 9.0+. This means that heaps of new features have been added over the past several years and continue to be - making the Avaya IP Office 500 PABX an incredibly feature rich offering for any business size. Also if/when new features are released, you don’t need to go changing hardware – just update the Avaya software. Historically you often had to completely change phone systems to implement new technology.

Specific feature sets for different types of workers

When we tailor your Avaya IP Office 500 pabx it not just about the overarching company requirements but also the needs of the individual. Avaya has intelligently identified these different job roles and with one off licences provides specialised feature sets, above and beyond the normal pbx features. Avaya breaks them down into the following:

  • Avaya Power User - The ultimate in communications accessibility for busy executives.
  • Avaya Office Worker - Desktop integration helps employees quickly convey critical information throughout your business.
  • Avaya Mobile Worker - For staff working out of the office without a laptop.
  • Avaya Teleworker - Enable home and remote workers to be as accessible as employees in the office.
  • Avaya Receptionist - Manage calls via easy-to-use PC interface. One receptionist can handle multiple offices.
  • Avaya Customer Service Agent - Intelligent call routing helps agents deliver highly personalized service.
  • Avaya Customer Service Supervisor - Real-time call status and customizable reports help create efficient and productive call centres.

Case Study

Since their conception in 2012 they’ve become one of the leading architectural glass innovation companies in the UK. They have a passion for glass innovation and are constantly pushing boundaries in terms of manufacturing and applications.

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J100 Series IP Phones

Remodel your desktops with our newest SIP-based IP phones. These offer Bluetooth, Wi-Fi connectivity, plus top functions and personalization for users in any-size businesses.

Avaya IP Office™ Platform

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