Phone Systems for your industry

We understand that every one of our clients is unique, with requirements that are specific to their industry. We'll work in partnership with you to understand your desired company journey, devising and delivering transformative Telecoms strategies to drive user adoption across your business and help accomplish your wider objectives.
Telecoms for Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry is becoming increasingly complex, with providers being asked to deliver quality care, ensure patient safety and improve...

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Telecoms for Retail

With multi-channel retail giving consumers ever more choice over how and when they shop, there have never been more ways for vendors to up their game...

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Telecoms for Financial and Professional Services

Lawyers, accountants, financial services, agents, consultants – any professional services organisation’s success hinges on client and third-party...

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Telecoms for Construction Companies

Optimism is high in building and construction. Partly the result of government spending pledges. Partly the boom in house building. Yet IT and...

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Telecoms for Education and Schools

Flip’s Janet interconnects mean schools, colleges and universities can maximise the connections and bandwidth they already have while upgrading to...

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Telecoms for Not For Profit and Charities

The Third Sector covers a wide variety of concerns and needs. It is undoubtedly the most complex area in which we work. That said the priorities are...

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Telecoms for Manufacturing

Save time. Improve operational efficiency. Flip video, voice and content sharing solutions empower you to meet on the spot from anywhere in the...

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Telecoms for Media and Marketing

Once, media and marketing spend was a given. Something you just did. These days it’s different. Every column inch, every advert must show a return...

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