Billing and Payments

When you get your bill, we want to make paying it as easy as possible. On this page you will find guides and support to help you understand your bills.


Understanding your bill

We think an important part of gaining control over your phone usage is fully understanding your bill. We have the most detailed bills in the industry and are in regular consultation with our customers to make sure our bills are really simple to understand.

Below is an example of a Flip bill.

As we generate all bills inhouse, what you will receive as a customer each month is fairly customisable; as default you will receive and email with 3 attachments, delivered to recipients of your choice on or around the 10th day of each month. The 3 attachments are:
  • Invoice (PDF)
  • Reports (PDF)
  • Call Itemisation (CSV)
IMPORTANT: If your first bill seems high, this will be due to there being part month charges. These occur where the service has started in the previous month, so for instance if your service started on the 15th of the month, then your first bill will show two line items, one part month, from the 15th to the end of the month and one full month.
Your invoice is the overall summary of your Service and Call Charges and shows you the monthly total including VAT. For a full breakdown of all the Charges, please see the Reports File
  1.   Invoice Number - unique invoice identifier
  2.   Invoice Date - date the invoice was issued
  3.   Billing Period - date that the service charges end
  4.   Your Address
  5.   Call Charges - shows the split of just calls
  6.   Service Charges - shows the split of just services
  7.   Total - grand total of the invoice including VAT
  8.   Shows paying will be collected by DD
  9.   Flip billing department contact details
  10.   Payment details for BACS
The Reports file differs in size depending on the amount of services you have with Flip. Page 1 will contain a full breakdown of all your Service Charges. Including:
  • The quantity of the service (Qty)
  • The phone number the service id is associated with (Telephone Number)
  • A description of the charge (Description)
  • The timeframe that the service is being charged for (Charge Period).
The following pages give you different reports about you call spend, these are very useful in controlling your monthly bill:
  • 30 Most Expensive Calls
  • 30 Longest Duration Calls
  • 30 Most Frequently Dialled Numbers
  • 30 Most Expensive Dialled Numbers
  • Itemised Call Statement
Call Itemisation File (CSV)
This file will give you a full breakdown of all the chargeable calls made in the period in CSV format, the data can then be easily manipulated in a spreadsheet program such as MS Excel.
If you decide to leave us, and we sincerely hope you don't! we'll generate a final bill for you, this may include cancellation fees if some services are still in contract with us. Also, depending on the transfer / cancellation date; it maybe necessary to charge service upfront and then raise a credit the following month. If you're thinking of leaving us, please ring 01462 417 100.

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Make contact with our billing department for assistance.

Direct Debit

To sign up for a new Direct Debit or to change an existing one, first get your reference number from Flip Billing by calling 01462 417 100 - this is for security reasons.

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A – Your bill will be emailed to receipiants of your choice around the 10th of each month, depending on how the weekends fall.

A -  Please contact us, either by email - | Phone 01462 417 100 or raise a billing ticket above.

A – Please contact us, either by email - | Phone 01462 417 100 or raise a billing ticket above.

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