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Business Broadband

A – We always advise our customers to reboot the router if there is a problem to see if this resolves it.
If not, you can test your broadband speed. You may think your connection is slow but it may be the fastest connection you can get.

Below is a list of things to look out for. If you follow each of these suggestions and there is still no change get in touch with our support team.

A -  If your broadband connection is down, meaning you cannot get onto the internet there are a few things that you can check before you contact us.

1. Turn your router off and then back on again
– Turning your router off and then back on again can resolve many problems. If this is something that you have to continue to do, then there may be an issue with your router.

2. Check that your hub is plugged in, turned on and there are no loose cables
– It sounds obvious but this is always worth checking. Make sure that the power cable is plugged in firmly and that it is switched on.

3. Check your extensions
– Extension sockets and leads aren’t very good for broadband. Make sure you’re is connected directly to a master socket.

4. Check your micro filters
Connections are sometimes caused by a faulty micro filter so it is worth checking each one that you’ve got on your line. So disconnect every piece of equipment that you’ve got connected to your line then reconnect each item one at a time. Each time you reconnect something, check your broadband connection.

5. Reboot your computer
Again, this could fix your problem. But if you’ve already tried this and you’re persistently losing your connection, then the cause could be something more fundamental …

6. Try the bare minimum on your line
If possible only have one ADSL micro filter with your router connected into the test socket. If you need to keep a phone on the line use an old school corded phone as these almost never cause dropping connections.

7. Try another router if possible
If you’ve got another router you can try, this is really worth doing.

A – You'll get the fastest speed that your telephone line can reliably support. Select the service you're interested in and click 'start your order' to get a speed estimate. Speeds are available as follows:

  • Average download speeds of 36Mb† or 66Mb† for Fibre (FTTC) enabled areas depending on the package you choose
  • Average download speeds of 10MbΦ for ADSL2+ enabled areas

Φ†Based on speed available to at least 50% of customers at peak time (8-10pm). Speeds vary by location. Check your speed via ‘check availability’ on our home page.

Your speed will be presented as a range of values in megabits per second (Mb or Mbps). The actual speed you get will usually be within these values and may vary depending on line conditions. If you find that your speed is much slower than the lowest estimated value you should call us on 01462 417 100 and we'll work with you to get the best possible speed for your line.

Business Lines and Calls
A – You can try and resolve the situation with a few simple checks. Do you have a cordless phone? Check that it is fully charged. Check that all of your phones are on the hook and that all cords are plugged in securely. Is this a problem with only one phone? If yes then it is likely that the fault is with the phone itself.
A – This is entirely up to you; all outward transfers are initiated by Flip and your existing provider will be notified of a pending transfer request.
A – Phone line transfers typically take between 10-12 working days to complete.
A – You can quite simply authorise us to supply your lines and calls and we will initiate this process with BT Wholesale.
A – Yes, in most instances, you should be able to keep your existing telephone number if you move to Flip but we would always want to know your current contractual obligation.
Business Phone Systems
A – We have large selection of user guides, located here
A – First step is to reboot your router for your broadband that the phones connect through, if after 5 minutes there is still no change get in touch with our support team

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