Flip Connect Customer Security Update

In today's digital world, cybersecurity is more important than ever. With technology constantly evolving, new threats are constantly emerging, putting our online security at risk. That's why we're excited to share our new security update with you. This update is all about strengthening your defences and protecting your sensitive information and privacy. Join us as we explore the features of our update, the risks it tackles, and how it puts you back in control of your cybersecurity.

Flip Connect Customer Security Update


As we have seen a recent upsurge in hacking attempts on customers’ phone systems, hackers are looking for any vulnerabilities they can find in order to be able to call out, and this can result in huge bills.


Here are some of our latest security updates:

  • We have tweaked our fraud alert system IP calls that allows us to spot fraud and automatically protect your account. In some instances, we have implemented automatic barring thresholds based on your ‘normal’ spend history – this may result in some false positives whereby you may be barred from making any calls over that daily limit, this is however very easy to remove, so if you suspect this has happened, please contact our support team. Please note emergency services calls will never be barred.


  • Management consoles are locked down to a known IP address’ meaning anyone trying to get onto it from an IP that is not on the allowed list will be blocked straight away.


  • Destinations that are deemed high risk and that see large amounts of fraud are blocked as default. This means anyone trying to call one of these destinations will not be able to and will be advised by the system that calls are blocked. Should any of your users wish to call a blocked destination then we can allow it on the system once we receive written confirmation that you would like to be able to call it.


  • Web portals and mobile apps have brute force protection meaning unauthorised attempts will be denied access and their IP will be blocked.


  • All Flip employees operate within a secure, federated environment.


  • Customers systems are constantly monitored by state of the art, in-house developed security suite.


How you can help


Further to this we would please ask that ALL your users are mindful to ensure that their individual passwords are secure.


Passwords need to be a minimum of 10 characters and must contain an upper-case letter, lower-case and a number.


Please ensure that passwords are secure and where possible use the randomly generated one from the system that is sent to you via the welcome email.

It is strongly recommended to not use anything that contains the word “password” in it as this is easily hacked.


Should any users with weak passwords get hacked then you could be liable for any call costs incurred. A useful guide on this can be found HERE


If you think you have been a victim of fraud, please report it here  www.actionfraud.police.uk


Whilst these steps ensure that your accounts and systems are far more secure than most out there, fraudsters are always looking for the next vulnerability but if we work together then it is easier to protect against them.


If you would like to discuss anything with us, please contact your dedicated account manager or our support team on 01462 417 100 or support@flipconnect.co.uk.


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