How the 3CX cloud-based phone system will enhance your business

The events of 2020 have taught us that a company’s ability to be flexible and agile is key. In March, our customers who already had 3CX simply took their work technology home and carried on from there. However, other customers who had not already adopted cloud-based technology soon did so! In March we had a very busy few weeks swapping customers over to 3CX now that they understood why they needed it.

How the 3CX cloud-based phone system will enhance your business

In fact, lockdown has proved to be a game changer and, in terms of productivity, remote working turned out to be much more successful than many thought it would. There is a general expectation that even after the coronavirus is no longer a threat, remote working is here to stay and will become commonplace for many. 

Therefore, software phone systems are important not only for productivity now, but also for the future. Companies that want VoIP telephony technology but don’t want to dispense with their PBX switchboard can use a cloud-based phone system like 3CX. Included in the basic costs, every user gets a desk phone, a soft phone and a mobile app , giving them lots of options for no extra cost.

Will the switch to 3CX save money?

A lot of the time, yes, the switch to 3CX will save money, but this isn’t necessarily the case. We will do an initial cost analysis that shows how much you are currently paying and how much our solution would be - if we are not able to show a saving, we will usually match what clients were paying before.

Where the 3CX system really comes into its own is in its features, which will help you improve productivity - even if you only use 10% of the features. When clients come to us to discuss their IP telephony needs, we take a consultative approach in order to find out what they need; we have a range of systems on offer, but in most cases, we recommend 3CX because it suits their needs best. Furthermore, with regular updates, new features are added all the time.



When it comes to telephony systems, different businesses will have different needs. For example, a financial company will see call recording as paramount, other companies will want to integrate their telephony system with their CRM system and web portal. Some of the most used features of 3CX are:

WebMeeting - One feature of 3CX which many of our clients really like is the WebMeeting solution which gives you the facility to meet online, as well as share and collaborate on documents. During lockdown, 3CX upgraded the WebMeeting structure to cope with the impressive, but perhaps unsurprising, 1,200% surge in usage.

Reporting - The reporting facility gives you detailed information that can be very helpful to your business. It will give you a range of statistics that show, for example, when the peak times for calls are, so you can make sure there are enough members of staff available to deal with the volume.

Live chat - 3CX offers a chat facility with SMS and Facebook. It can also be integrated with virtually any website, which enables you to offer a live chat facility, making it quick and easy for your customers to get in touch.

Microsoft Teams - One huge advantage of 3CX is that it interlinks with Microsoft Teams, making Teams work much more efficiently. Many companies really like Teams, but when it comes to telephony, there could be improvements. Integrating it with 3CX solves that issue giving you full functionality, combining all the best features of Teams with the ease and advantages of 3CX telephony.

Success story

We used the 3CX Hosted Phone System to improve the telephony services at Hitchin-based builders merchant Brookers. The company operates across three large sites and needed a phone system that would help its staff keep in touch. We installed a unified system across all the sites, and warehousing staff were issued with DECT phones (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) which improved internal and external communications, helping the company to deliver customer service excellence. In addition, Brookers made a massive £15k saving over the contract period.

If you would like to discuss how 3CX or other cloud-based phone systems could improve the efficiency of your company, contact us for a chat.

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